Simple testing facilities making extensive use of test frameworks to run tests. By default pytest is selected but this can be customized in the option of the ‘test’ section of the configuration file attached to the project.

For the moment only two frameworks are supported: pytest and nose.

Two different ways to run the tests, either through the setuptools call to setup.py:

(dvlpt)$ python setup.py test

or through the use of the ‘pytest’ or ‘nosetests’ command line argument:

(dvlpt)$ pytest
(dvlpt)$ nosetests

Have a look at nose_cmd for more information on the way to use nose.



Quick tutorial

Follow these steps for a quick setup (do base quick tutorial first if you haven’t done it yet):

(dvlpt)$ pmg add test
(dvlpt)$ pmg rg
(dvlpt)$ pmg example test

(dvlpt)$ pytest