List of currently available options


Basic options help you organize your code and provide core ‘good practices’ functionality in your package.


Based on the previous options, a few tools make your life easier and extend basic functionalities.

Distributing your code

The base of distributing your code comes with:

In order to make your package easily accessible for others, these options help you host your code on a distant server:

These options help you organize the structure to be PyPi ready:

Then you can use the ‘pypi’ option to help you put your package on the cheese shop:

Alternatively, if you chose to use ‘conda’ as your package manager:

Web services

Once your code is registered on GitHub, a set of options helps you benefit from already developed online tools:

External options

Options developed for specific purposes. Why not consider adding your option? You can easily customize pkglts for your very own purpose by creating a plugin. The plugin_project option allow you to easily create such package for extending pkglts.