Register on

The process of registering on Landscape_io is made easy since you can use your github identity to sign up.

You must now be on the ‘add project’ page of landscape. If not click on the ‘add repository’ in the menu.


Adding your project

Scrolling down the page you will find a list of project you are contributing. Select yours and hit the ‘add repositories’ button.


Your project is added and you are redirected to the dashboard while your project is rebuilding.


However, you still need to hit the refresh button after some time if you want to see the result of the building process.


Final remark

If everything is successful, you must now have a health-100% green badge that show on top of your readme in the homepage of your project on github (hit refresh if you see nothing).

Unfortunately, Landscape_io keep track of your compliance over time. Starting at 100% will make it hard to improve :)